Corporate Strategy

Sinochem Holdings will promote the implementation of the “industrial development strategy” (“123 strategy” for short); that is, closely following one strategic positioning, carrying out two major industrial missions, and implementing three major transformations and upgrades.

Sinochem Holdings will adhere to the strategic positioning of becoming “a world-class chemical conglomerate led by life science and materials science, supported by petrochemicals, backed by environmental science, and driven by technology”, seeking to address significant demands of promoting the quality development of China’s agriculture industry and accelerating the new chemical materials industry to make up for shortcomings, undertaking the industrial mission of a central SOE, and creating a world-leading AgriTech company and a world-class new chemical materials company; upgrading from focusing a single product to the whole industrial chain, from providing products to comprehensive solutions, and from traditional enterprise to digitalized and intelligent enterprise. Sinochem Holdings will build itself as a world-class chemical conglomerate with a “three-step” strategy by means of three five-year plans.