Elkem holds operations conference for STARSIL silicone products in Jiangxi




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Elkem held an operations conference for its STARSIL silicone products in Jiujiang city, east China's Jiangxi Province, on April 18.

The conference, themed "Chasing Dreams, Drawing the Blueprint with Silicone," brought together over 100 distributors to discuss the future of the green sealant industry. The event also featured an inauguration ceremony for the Elkem Silicones STARSIL brand operation center.

During the conference, Elkem showcased several new products from the Silicones STARSIL series, such as STARSIL 6600A, STARSIL MR, and STARSIL 6027. These high-quality and environmentally friendly products instilled confidence in the attending distributors for future collaboration with Elkem.

China holds the top position in the global sealants production and consumption market. With consumers' increasing spending power and growing awareness of health, environmental protection, and safety, there are substantial prospects for consumption upgrading and the expansion of eco-friendly sealants in the construction and energy sectors.

Elkem is committed to collaborating with industry peers in low-carbon construction, clean energy, and other related fields to contribute to the industry's high-quality and sustainable development. Technological innovation will play a crucial role in driving these efforts forward.