Elkem Silicones' Asia-Pacific flagship R&D center starts operations




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The Asia-Pacific flagship research and development (R&D) center of Elkem Silicones recently went into operation in Shanghai. It is poised to become a crucial component of the company's global R&D network. This center will cater to the increasing demand for silicone products and technologies in the Asia-Pacific region. The center is formerly known as the Asia-Pacific R&D center of Elkem Silicones established in 2009. By leveraging the rapid growth of the Asia-Pacific market and making consistent investments, the Asia-Pacific R&D center has achieved world-class R&D capabilities. It has been recognized with accolades including the "Shanghai Center for Enterprise Technology," "Foreign-funded Research and Development Center," "High-tech Enterprise," and "Sci-tech Little Giant Enterprise."

To meet the increasing demand for advanced silicone products and technologies in industries such as new energy vehicles, medical and healthcare, personal care, textile and leather, and 3D painting, Elkem Silicones has extensively upgraded the sci-tech innovation system and relevant equipment at its Asia-Pacific R&D center. The company has also actively sought global talents, fostered new sources of innovation, continuously achieved breakthroughs in core and key technologies and processes, and accelerated sustainable development. These efforts aim to position the center as a driving force for sci-tech progress.

Benefiting from the favorable business environment in China, Elkem Silicones has experienced rapid growth in the country. The company has intensified its efforts in the Chinese market, expanded its innovation and R&D activities, and remained committed to its "In China, For China" ethos. The Asia-Pacific flagship R&D center will play a crucial role in supporting the growth of the Asia-Pacific market. Elkem Silicones will continue to prioritize customer satisfaction, enhance its regional service network, foster innovation, and accelerate its performance improvement.

The Asia-Pacific flagship R&D center has established four major application centers to cater to the development trends in key industries.

The new energy vehicle application center develops high-performance silicone products for hybrid and electric vehicle electrical and electronic components, enhancing battery safety and range, and promoting electrification and lightweighting in the auto industry. The life science application center develops silicone products for medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, as well as hair care, skincare, and cosmetics, in line with sustainable development trends. The coating application center develops release agents, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and coatings for vehicle safety airbags, meeting the technical requirements of the textile market. The 3D printing application center explores the potential of silicone products and provides customized solutions to meet specific needs. It introduces innovative approaches to product design, manufacturing, and supply, enabling the realization of smart manufacturing.

In the future, Elkem Silicones will capitalize on the opportunities presented by the Chinese market and further enhance its investments in China. The company will consider its Asia-Pacific flagship R&D center as a hub for innovation and R&D. Through collaboration with Elkem Silicones' global R&D centers, the Asia-Pacific flagship R&D center will leverage advanced silicone technologies and products to serve the Asia-Pacific market and support the green and high-quality development of industries in the region.