Sinochem International Wins “Outstanding Issuer of Low-Carbon Bonds”




Sinochem International
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On April 11th, Sinochem International was awarded the 2022 “Outstanding Issuer of  Low-Carbon Bonds” by the Shanghai Stock Exchange (referred to as the “SSE”). This is the first time that Sinochem International has received this honor.

Sustainability-linked bond is an innovative type of bond issued by the SSE to implement the “dual carbon” target, aiming to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises by combining their sustainable development goals with bond structure design.

Sustainability-linked bonds have created a new issuance model that combines economic benefits with social responsibilities, which facilitates companies to fulfill their commitments on “carbon emissions peaking” and “carbon neutrality”, as well as their ESG responsibilities, and enables them to thrive in the capital market.