Sinochem Holdings Brings Eight Major Industry Solutions to the Exposition on China Brand




Sinochem Holdings
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On May 10th to 14th, 2023, the Exposition on China Brand was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Sinochem Holdings and its subsidiary brands made a collective appearance to showcase the brands’ new potential of Sinochem Holdings to the world. During the event, Mr. Li Fuli, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Member of Leading Party Group, attended the International Forum on Chinese Brands Development and visited  the company’s booth.

At this expo, Sinochem Holdings primarily showcased its eight major industry solutions, including agriculture and animal nutrition, transportation, electronics and electricals, new energy, environmental engineering, construction and infrastructure, health and medical care, as well as leather, textiles, and beauty care. The exhibition featured vibrant seed walls, a wide range of MAP beSide agricultural products, a sand table of soil management effectiveness, downstream consumer products closely related to people’s lives, and adorable Sinochem Holdings-themed peripherals. These displays attracted numerous visitors to the booth for enquiries.

In addition to setting up the main brand exhibition area, Sinochem Holdings has also organized its whole-process quality control and traceability service brand, MAP beSide, under Syngenta Group China, and China Seeds to respectively participate in “Innovation 100+” brand exhibition area and that of Hainan Province.