President Zhang Wei Attended the 2018 (9th) China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference (2018 CPCIC) and Delivered a Keynote Speech




Sinochem Group
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From September 12 to September 13, Mr. Zhang Wei, President of Sinochem Group, was invited to attend the 2018 CPCIC in Chengdu, Sichuan. There he delivered a keynote speech on topics of global economic integration, global petroleum and chemical industry landscape, enterprises’ innovation, results gained in past 40 years of reform and opening-up, and future development opportunities. His speech was widely heard and appreciated by present guests, who gathered together in China’s largest summit conference of petroleum and chemical industry.

On the morning of September 12, Mr. Zhang Wei was present in the dialogue of Leadership Interview: Restart after Reform and Opening-up for 40 Years, where he discussed and communicated with several executives of petroleum and chemical companies about the impact of China’s reform and opening-up on enterprises and the future development of these companies. He pointed out that Sinochem Group has been in the industry for 68 years. Before the reform and opening-up, the company was mainly engaged in trade business with the goal to break the economic blockade applied by foreign countries. Then, Sinochem Group gradually became an explorer in the know-how about investment and operation in the sectors of real economy, becoming one of the first enterprises in China to have international presence. In the future, Sinochem Group will attach more importance to the innovations in management and technologies and follow the guidance of In Science We Trust value principles to reinvent Sinochem Group into a tech-driven integrated chemical enterprise through R&D and innovation. 

On the afternoon of September 12, Mr. Zhang Wei, an attendee of CEO Roundtable Conference, discussed about the global economic integration and development of petroleum and chemical industry together with other guests. According to him, there are many challenges and problems for the current global petroleum and chemical industry, but it also affords opportunities of great upgrade and progress for the petroleum and chemical industry. It is also a good opportunity for Chinese companies’ global development. China is now adopting ever-increasingly open policies in the petroleum and chemical industry and the “storm of environment protection” is reshaping the image of this sector, creating an atmosphere of fair competition. The whole industry is increasingly centralized and the protection of intellectual property is taking a very important place. All these created unprecedentedly good contexts and conditions for all kinds of investors to invest in China’s petroleum and chemical industry. 

At plenary conference on the morning of September 13, Mr. Zhang Wei delivered a keynote speech entitled Strategic Transformation for Future Petroleum and Chemical Industry in China. In his speech, he proposed four directions for the strategic transformation of China’s petroleum and chemical industry: structural upgrade, technology empowerment, green development and smart transformation. In his opinion, the electric vehicles in the automobile industry, the reform of agricultural supply-side structure and the battle of pollution prevention and control are three factors which have great influence over the petroleum and chemical industry. Continued advancement in electric vehicles, lightweight materials, food safety, smart agriculture, environment protection techniques, digital and information technologies will steer the petroleum and chemical industry towards a new direction of future development. His speech were strongly seconded and echoed by many other attendees at the conference.