Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Completed an Overhaul in Advance and Achieved Stable Operation at First Running




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On January 16, Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical’s atmospheric and vacuum units produced qualified products, marking the company’s successful completion of a plant-wide overhaul 6 days in advance started from December 3, 2017. Calculated with current petrochemicals market price, an exceeding benefit of 120 million yuan could be created. The established plan for the overhaul cycle was 50 days.

The overhaul involved 5,307 projects, 7,000 management and various types of operating personnel participated. On-site operation covered a wide range. Diverse machinery and equipment were used in large quantities. Specifically, the overhaul included inspecting 1,800 pieces of pressure vessels and 775 km pressure pipelines; overhauling 40 towers 130 pumps  and 8 units; extracting 800 heat exchanger's cores; overhauling 10 substations and lines overhaul, 2 sets of DCS system, 5,000 valves; and welding a total amount of 110,533 inch diameters. In addition, there were 237 technical renovation projects and 190 second-phase projects that were reserved for project’s later development.

During the overhaul, Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical strictly implemented HSE management principle and did a good job in every operation link. In the end, it reported zero safety accidents, zero environmental accidents, zero major accidents, proudly accomplished the set goal of a "Gas won’t go up into the air and oil won’t fall onto the ground (zero discharge of pollutants)” overhaul.