Chairman Frank Ning Lectured for the Sinochem’s International Talent Cultivation Project




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On December 29, Mr. Frank Ning, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and Chairman of Sinochem Group, also President of Sinochem Management Institute, gave a lecture on "Internationalization of Enterprises" for the first session of Sinochem’s international talent cultivation project.

The graduation ceremony was presided over by Mr. Li Qing, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Group and Vice President of Sinochem Group. Mr. Feng Zhibin, Vice President; Mr. Yang Lin, Chief Accountant; Mr. Zhang Zhiqiang, Director of the Discipline Inspection Council of the Party Committee; Mr. Jiang Zhenghong, Vice President; Mr. Zhong Ren, Assistant President; Mr. Yu Lemin, General Counsel; Mr. Li Qiang, Secretary of the Board of Directors; Mr. Li Congrui, President, SBU of Real Estate; Mr. Zhang Fang, Director of Innovation and Strategy Department; Mr. Wang Hongjun, Deputy Director of Strategy Execution Department attended the event. More than 180 attendees that were composed of all members of the "International Talent Training Class" and the "Strategic Blue Army Class" as well as around3000 staff representatives from each functional department and SBU accessed the training either onsite or through the video system. The training was followed by relevant work summary of the company's international talent cultivation project and the annual training of Sinochem Management Institute.

During Chairman Frank Ning’s lecture, he elaborated on internationalized corporate operation from the perspectives of international thinking, international strategy, international talent and international standards.

Chairman Frank Ning pointed out that internationalization is an unavoidable trend of the enterprise and a living environment that must be faced. Initiative should be taken to embrace and integrate into the process of it. Enterprises that want to go international need to develop long-term strategies, having in place business models in line with international practice. A genuine good enterprise is competitive both at home and abroad. Internationalization of enterprises calls for core international personnel. Talents are the foundation of the internationalization process. Language is not the only measure of the internationally talented people. A good internationalized person should have good values, strong market-oriented management ability and rich business experience. Chairman Frank Ning emphasized that the measure of whether an enterprise is internationalized or nor is not how much asset it owns or how many outlets it has. Instead, it is the good products and high-quality services provided to the international market that counts.