Chairman Frank Ning Attended the 4th Meeting of ABAC




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During November 4 to 10, Mr. Frank Ning, Chairman of Sinochem Group attended the 4th Meeting of 2017 ABAC (APEC Business Advisory Council) in Da Nang, Vietnam. As Chair of the 2017 ABAC Sustainable Development Working Group, Chairman Frank Ning presided over the meeting and introduced the Working Group’s plan and proposal for 2018, which was well-received by delegates. Chairman Frank Ning noted that, we should focus on the study of the issues happening right now and future tendencies, AI, digital economy, intelligent agriculture, etc.

At the dialogue meeting between ABAC representative and leaders of APEC members, Chairman Frank Ning, as the moderator of the first sub-group, and by leading 10 ABAC representatives, unfolded a face-to-face communication with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Indonesia President Joko Widodo, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard on deepening regional economy integration, promoting inclusive growth and the development of SMEs, advancing “Belt and Road” Initiative and connectivity, interpreting China’s economic reform and development and the new opportunities brought about to the Asia-Pacific Region. Meanwhile, Chairman Frank Ning, as the “moderator,” accompanied President Xi Jinping of all his dialogues with ABAC representatives.

Chairman Frank Ning, as Chair of ABAC, also attended the meeting between Chinese enterprise representatives and Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. He said that, Sinochem Group has broad collaboration potential with Vietnam in energy and agriculture. He hoped for enhanced communication with Vietnamese businesses.

In addition, Chairman Frank Ning was invited to preside over the Thematic Breakfast Meeting for ABAC Leaders, guiding the Chinese entrepreneurs at the meeting to engage in in-depth communication with American entrepreneurs on business collaboration and hot issues of mutual concern. He stated that, some phenomena were still very grave, e.g. the momentum-lacking world economy, new trade protectionism, fragmentized regional economic cooperation, etc. Asia-Pacific Region, as an important engine for global economic growth, needs to explore the potential for economic growth, and expand new highlights for regional collaboration.

At the thematic event “APEC China Night”, Chairman Frank Ning was invited to give a keynote speech. He remarked that, as the Report of 19th CPC National Congress pointed out, the socialism with Chinese characteristics entered into a new era, and embarked on a new journey, heading to build a modern socialist country; it also proposed new thoughts, theories and modes; he said it was a report worthwhile to be studied by foreign delegates as well. Currently, China has become the country that encourages openness and free trade the most, a country that supports regional economic integration, connectivity, and reform & innovation most, a market that boasts the biggest purchasing power, and a country that will continue to drive and structure a new pattern featuring openness to the fullest extent. China confidence, China capacity, and China solution will drive sustainability and inclusive growth of economy of the Asia-Pacific Region and the world.

During his stay in Vietnam, Chairman Frank Ning was also invited to participate in the APEC CEO Forum hosted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The Forum featured interpretations over the world and China’s economic status from industrial and commercial perspectives, introducing China’s reform and development results. Chairman Frank Ning noted that, China would focus more on quality and inclusive growth, would be more innovation-driven and environment-friendly in the days ahead. China is entering a new era, embarking on a new journey, and practicing a new pattern, which is exciting and deserves global expectation.