Sinochem and China Petrochemical Federation Held the Expert Seminar on “Refinery-Petrochemical Integration and Energy Related Issues”




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On May 30, Sinochem Group’s Economic and Technological Research Center and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (hereinafter referred to as China Petrochemical Federation) Expert Committee jointly organized an expert seminar on “Refinery-Petrochemical Integration and Energy Related Issues”.

Mr. Li Shousheng, Chairman of China Petrochemical Federation; Mr. Hu Qianlin, Vice Secretary-General; Mr. Frank Ning, Chairman of Sinochem Group; the three Vice Presidents Mr. Li Bin, Mr. Jiang Zhenghong and Mr. Zhong Ren; Mr. Zhang Fang, Director of Innovation and Strategy Department; Mr. Zhang Xuegong, Director of Strategy Execution Department and others attended the seminar. Mr. Zhang Wei, President of Sinochem Group, participated the seminar in the form of video. Senior experts from the PetroChina Petrochemical Research Institute and CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute, Sinopec Economics & Development Research Institute, and China National Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute (NPCPI) were invited to the seminar.

At the seminar, 11 experts including Mr. He Shengbao, Head of the PetroChina Petrochemical Research Institute, focused on the refinery-petrochemical integration and related issues in the energy industry and delivered speeches on the “Progress and Trends of New Technologies in the Refining and Chemical Industry,” “Impact of Private Enterprises Refining Projects on the Refining and Chemical Landscape and Petrochemical Market,” “Impact of New Energy Development on the Oil and Gas Industry,” “Development Status and Trends of the International Oil Refining Industry,” “The New Development Situation of the Ethylene Industry in China,” “Opportunities and Challenges of Ethanol Cracking, Propane Dehydrogenation and Co-pyrolysis of Light Hydrocarbons,” “International Crude Oil Market and Oil Price Trending,” “Prospect of China’s Refining and Petrochemical Industry,” “Heading Towards a New Era of Petrochemical Development,” “The Aromatic Industry Development in China – Status Quo and Trend,” “Outlook of Natural Gas Development and Business Opportunities.” These speeches were followed by in-depth discussions among these participants.

Chairman Frank Ning expressed gratitude to the participating experts for their unreserved sharing of research results and practical experience. He believed that the seminar would greatly help Sinochem Group to further develop its refining business. Chairman Frank Ning emphasized that Sinochem Group was striving to fully transform itself into an innovative platform company driven by science and technology. In the traditional petrochemical industry, it was necessary to achieve self-development and industrial progress through technological innovation.

China Petrochemical Federation established an Expert Committee on December 10, 2017. The Committee set up six groups, specializing on Oil and Gas Geology, Oil and Gas Engineering, Energy Chemical Industry, Chemical New Materials, Safety and Environmental Protection, and Industry Economics. Mr. Li Bin heads the Industry Economics Group.