Chairman Frank Ning Attended the 3rd ABAC Meeting 2017




Sinochem Group
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During July 25-28, Mr. Frank Ning, Chairman of Sinochem Group attended the 3rd Meeting of 2017 APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) in Toronto, Canada. As Chair of the ABAC Sustainable Development Working Group of 2017 ABAC, Chairman Frank Ning presided over the meeting and proposed report named Integration of Water and Fertilizer Technology Promotes Agricultural Sustainable Development. 

Chairman Frank Ning pointed out in his proposal that, agricultural environment in the Asian and Pacific Region did not look optimistic. Problems such as lack of water resource, low utilization rate of fertilizer, pollution of agricultural environment, the shortage of agricultural labor force etc. posed immeasurable challenges to agricultural sustainable development. The integration of water and fertilizer technology could help conserve water resource, enhance fertilizer efficiency, improve soil and save labor. As a result, while it should be promoted further in scale, continued efforts should be exerted on relevant R&D and product innovation so as to achieve a cross-region sharing of resources, technology, data and best practices. 

The event also saw Chairman Frank Ning attending and addressing relevant activities such as the Chair Preparation Meeting, Opening Ceremony, Chair Wrap-up Meeting and the Closing Ceremony. He had particularly highlighted his views on the design and arrangement concerning the dialogue between ABAC representatives and APEC leaders to be held in November this year. His perspective won extensive support from participants.