Ion film electrolyser
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Ion-membrane electrolyzer is the core equipment of chlor-alkali equipment, mainly used to produce caustic soda,hydrogen gas and chlorine gas, for the basic chemical industry to provide raw materials.
Product characteristics
High current density, long cycle, safe and stable operation; Internal natural circulation structure with long life; Improve the operating environment of ion membrane and prolong the life of ion membrane; Increase production capacity, saving energy and reducing consumption, lower cost, than NBZ - 2.7 Ⅰ membrane polar distance electrolyzer with annual capacity of ten thousand tons of caustic soda to save 200000 kilowatt hour; It is easy to open and park, and the recovery time is short.
Application instructions
Used in the manufacture of building plate and pipe, plastic film, organic chemicals, papermaking, soap, glass, chemical fiber and other fields
Application instructions