Liquid coil
The liquid coil is a single-component water-based environmentally friendly product. It is made from synthetic polymer and water-based hydrocarbon emulsion as the base material. The polymer and hydrocarbon emulsion are completely fused and modified through a special process, then refined by various fillers and additives.
Product characteristics
High solid content, drying fast, strong adhesion with the concrete base, forming a flexible, high-strength waterproof film after drying, the waterproof coating film has an effect similar to rubber coiled material, and has excellent low temperature flexibility and high temperature anti-sagging performance.
Application instructions
1. Applicable to all types of concrete, masonry structure of the fat facade waterproof and moistureproof treatment; 2. Applicable to all kinds of old and new building roof, kitchen balcony, basement waterproof construction; 3. Applicable to bridge, road, sewage treatment tank, and other waterproof anti-corrosion construction.
Application instructions