Chemical Milling Protective Peelable Coating
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It is a temporary protective coating in the process of chemical milling, which plays a temporary protective role in the process of processing and is an essential supporting material in the process of chemical milling.
Product characteristics
It is a one component coating composed of thermoplastic elastomer, tackifying resin, pigment, filler, auxiliary agent, solvent, etc. It has good chemical resistance and peelability.
Application instructions
It is used for the temporary protection during the transportation of mechanical equipments'steel structure surface and paint surface,it has the ability of salt spray anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistant chemical corrosion, aging resistance, pollution prevention, moisture isolation, scratch protection, and is applied to engineering entities to prevent surface quality deterioration of steel structures, paints and installations caused by the technological characteristics of reserved structural surfaces and cross construction, and improve the quality of finished product protection.
Application instructions