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Straight chain polydimethyl silicone oil
Product characteristics
Excellent high and low temperature resistance;Good flame resistance; Low surface energy; High compressibility; Weather resistance. Good oxidation resistance;Viscosity varies little with temperature;Good long time high shear resistance.
Application instructions
Thermal oil (-50℃~+200℃);Copier antifouling agent;Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and silicone sealant thinner and plasticizer;Defoaming agent raw material;Lubricants and thermal protectants for textile fibres and threads (synthetic sewing threads);Components of maintenance products (polish, wax polish, polish for floors and furniture, etc.);Paint additives (anti-shrinkage, anti-floating/waterproof and anti-scratch);Waterproofing of powder (paint and plastic) and fiber (glass fiber);Release agent (plastic and metal casting release agent);Lubricants (lubricants of elastomers or plastics and metals);
Application instructions