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Used as raw material of organo-modified silicone products.
Product characteristics
Excellent viscosity stability, SiH reaction thoroughly, High addition reaction, Non-toxic, non-irritating.
Application instructions
Intermediate in the synthesis of linear terminated organo-modified silicone products for a large variety of applications; Key intermediate for (AB)n form silicone fluid which overcome the yellowing, water-repellent and easily demulsification and stick roller of general amino-silicone oil, Raw material of organic poly-modified material, such as plastic resin used in the modification reaction, especially used in epoxy resin, toughness and dielectrically property could be enhanced and internal stress could be decreased,  Excellent release effect, it is an ideal material for inside and outside epoxy mold release agent, Good affinity to fiber and filler, having silane coupling agent similar effect to improve the interfacial bonding strength, improve the strength of the composite article, adhesion agent of additional silicone rubber, good adhesion effect for aluminum and glass.
Application instructions