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TFA is an important aliphatic fluorine-containing intermediate
Product characteristics
Molecular weight: 114.03, boiling point: 72.4℃; melting point: -15.2℃; relative density: 1.5351; relative density of vapor: 3. Hazardous characteristics: Non-combustible; decomposed once heated or releasing toxic gas once contacting acid; strong corrosion. Combustion (decomposition) product: Carbonic oxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen fluoride
Application instructions
Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) can be used for the synthesis of insecticide, herbicide and bactericide once used for the pesticide purpose; it can also be used for the synthesis of drugs against AIDs and diabetes, cardiovascular drugs and rheumatism treatment drugs once used for the medicine purpose; it also serves as the important solvent for many kinds of emerging biological medicine synthesis. Instead of direct reaction, it is used as the additive that promotes the reaction.
Application instructions