The logo of Sinochem Holdings consists of a graphic logo, the word "Sinochem" and the company motto that "In Science We Trust".


About the Graphic Signs

Chemistry is a science to explore the mysteries of materials. When people study, explore and even try to change the material world through chemistry, we must follow the basic law of material change and nature. All the chemical technologies, chemical reactions and chemical syntheses produced so far as well as all the chemicals used by humans must be degraded, restored, returned and reintegrated into the natural world. Only in this way can the world continue to move, cycle and grow. Therefore, chemistry is part of nature; it should be like flowers in nature, beautiful and fragrant, for use by mankind and then return to nature. That is why we designate the peony as the representative and symbol of the chemical industry.


About the Text

"中化SINOCHEM", a trademark well known in China, enjoys a good reputation around the world and has established a good image at home and abroad. In order to better develop and utilize brand equity and protect brand value, we have set "中化Sinochem" as the name of our brand and adopted a tailored design for it.


Interpretation of the Logo

The icon features a blooming peony in natural color and communicates Sinochem Holdings' value that it upholds the spirit of "In Science We Trust", pursues growth through innovation, and conducts outstanding management to embrace endless vitality, demonstrating the enterprise's ceaseless efforts to pursue harmonious coexistence with nature, promote sustainable development of society and contribute to an even brighter future for mankind.

The peony growing upward is adroitly rendered with simple and abstract geometric figures. Overall, the design breaks the traditional symmetrical pattern, indicating that Sinochem Holdings is full of vigor and vitality, as is the Nature. The four petals of peony represent the four elements of the society, customers, shareholders and employees, for whom Sinochem Holdings keeps creating value while ceaselessly endeavoring to meet people's aspiration for a better life; the three clusters of pistils symbolize the endogenous power of innovation, entrepreneurship and creation as well as the magical chemical power that the three begets all things of the world. 

The rounded appearance of the blooming flower, like open hands, presents a stance of being inclusive and open, and conveys sincere and unrestrained passion, which implies the organic integration of the corporate culture of Sinochem Holdings and the company's cooperation with friends from all walks of life around the world.

The progressive tone of double blue highlights that Sinochem Holdings boasts the co-driving force of science and innovation and the friendly integration of chemistry and nature, on its way to achieve corporate development and enhance human well-being.