Salary and Benefits

Holding on to the concept of “infinitely embracing marketization with state ownership unchanged” and the 3P principle of “payment for positions, payment for capabilities and payment for performance”, we are perfecting our diversified incentive mechanism and have established a “six-dimensional incentive system” integrating with material and spiritual goals either in the short, medium and long run.

Fixed salary

We take job value as the main basis for salary payment and encourage staff to earn more by taking high-value jobs.

Floating salary

We emphasize the strong performance-based bonus, which is fully linked to organizational performance, team performance and individual performance, and we encourage reasonable salary gap.

Medium- and long-term incentive

With Sinochem Holdings Guidelines for Medium- and Long-term Incentives as top-level design, we have launched 15 medium- and long-term incentive tools focusing on science and technology innovation and performance improvement. We encourage the combination/fusion of personal value and corporate value. We are a forerunner in exploring incremental sharing mechanisms such as equity incentive in listed company, dividend incentive in science and technology enterprise, and excess profit sharing.


We have created an “assured” benefit system covering medical care, food, housing, use and transportation;

Honor recognition

We advocate immediate incentives and commend outstanding teams and individuals through the evaluation mechanism.