Sinochem Capital deeply integrates finance and technology, serve industrial customers, extensively connects with external resources, meets industrial needs to the greatest extent, leverages its own advantages to create a new ecology of industrial finance.

Sinochem Capital builds a fintech team with diversified backgrounds in industry, finance and technology R&D, possessing rich experiences and strong technical capabilities in online operations, risk warning and management, data modelling, etc. An online service system is built on key areas such as industrial finance, internal banking, entrusted operations, wealth management, commercial insurance, and integrated commerce. It has been well received by customers for its advanced technologies, stable system, data security, and operation and maintenance services. Self-developed intelligent products are widely used in financial business scenarios such as trust, insurance and factoring and have achieved good results.

In the future, Sinochem Capital will continue to be led by technological innovation, focus on industrial finance services and related digital infrastructure construction, put customer first, empower the industry with technology and data as the core competitiveness, and strive to become an industry leader and respected comprehensive service provider of industrial finance.