Comprehensive Commercial Services

Our comprehensive commercial service is operated by Sinochem Commerce Co., Ltd. (Sinochem Commerce), a subsidiary of Sinochem Capital. As one of the earliest domestic companies specialized in bidding, procurement and consulting services, Sinochem Commerce enjoys a high status within the industry, and a sound market reputation. While focusing on industries such as rail transport, petrochemicals, infrastructure, municipal environmental protection, equipment manufacturing, finance, culture, radio and television, it provides comprehensive commercial services such as procurement, management consulting, PPP consulting, whole-process engineering consulting, third-party supervision, international trade and pan-finance, etc.

As a leading knowledge-intensive service provider in the industry, Sinochem Commerce is positioned to serve both industries and customers across the whole investment and financing chain, aiming to build an efficient procurement model supported by an electronic bidding platform and big data, to holistically raise professional service capabilities in engineering consulting and procurement management. Besides, Sinochem Commerce Institute has been set up as a main incubator for technology innovation, model innovation, and management innovation, to continuously drive business innovation and transformational development.


Asset Services

Our asset service is operated by Sinochem Assets Management Co., Ltd. (Sinochem Assets Management), which provides six types of services to meet needs of governments, enterprises and financial institutions.

For debt restructuring, Sinochem Assets Management introduces resources to solve problems in capital, technology and production safety by assessing corporate value and organizing debt restructuring. For assets stripping, Sinochem Assets Management helps enterprises strip non-performing assets, provides temporary handling or disposal services and offers comprehensive solutions to help increase their market value. For management and output control, Sinochem Assets Management renders decision-making consulting, post-investment management, industry consulting and management improvement, etc. for financial institutions intending to convert debts to equities and for enterprises that need to improve governance. For comprehensive planning, Sinochem Assets Management offers policy integration, transaction plan design, and implementation assistance, etc. It also offers services for rural revitalization, incoming industrial enterprises and park planning. For trust connection, Sinochem Assets Management helps dispose assets and supervise and allocate payments by developing solutions acceptable to all creditors with reliable and fair third parties. For reverse packaging, Sinochem Assets Management provides solutions for related parties of non-performing assets and utilizes our platform to package or de-package for banks or AMCs to achieve rapid disposal.

Life Insurance

Our life insurance business is operated by Manulife, which focuses on rendering differentiated services for segment markets, tracks well-off and affluent families, and dedicates to providing all-round solutions for risk management, education saving, elderly care, and comprehensive financial planning. Manulife provides annuity and education fund products, critical illness insurance products with multiple payouts, endowment insurance products to meet the needs including elderly care and wealth inheritance, and mid-level medical products that satisfy the needs of middle class families in planning medical expenses. Manulife also sells a variety of products as an agent to provide convenience for diversified investment. Besides, official website and WeChat platform encompassing several of its products provides multiple channel for customers to learn the products and enhance purchasing experience.

Insurance Brokerage

Our insurance brokerage business is operated by Sinochem Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. (Sinochem Insurance Brokers), a subsidiary of Sinochem Capital. Covering direct insurance brokerage, risk consulting services, and reinsurance brokerage, Sinochem Insurance Brokers customizes insurance solutions for enterprises after holistically analyzing business risks, corporate risk preference and cost budgeting; selects appropriate insurance products for customers in domestic and foreign insurance and reinsurance markets; and assists clients solving problems in claim settlement through professional services.

Major insurance products and service include:

Enterprise property insurances, which includes all-risk property insurance, machinery breakdown insurance, cargo transportation insurance, business interruption insurance, employee loyalty insurance, cash insurance, ship insurance, and kidnap and ransom insurance; Engineering insurance, which includes all-risk construction insurance and project completion insurance; Liability insurance, it offers public liability insurance, environmental liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, product liability insurance, and directors’ and officers’ liability insurance; Guarantee insurance, includes customs bonds insurance and litigation property preservation insurance; Health insurance covers accidental life insurance, critical illness insurance, supplementary medical insurance, and personal medical insurance; Reinsurance: facultative business. As for risk consulting services, Sinochem Insurance Brokers provides risk investigation and risk consulting services to reduce the probability of risk occurrence as a “medical examiner” for enterprises through risk prevention. For reinsurance brokerage, Sinochem Insurance Brokers provides all-round reinsurance brokerage and consulting services for ceding companies, and helps manage and transfer risks by means of facultative reinsurance, such as engineering insurance, liability insurance, and property insurance.

Futures Trading

Our futures trading business is operated by Guantong Futures, covering brokerage, futures investment consulting, and asset management, etc.

Futures brokerage refers to buying and selling on brokerage, that is, buying and selling commodity contracts and financial contracts on behalf of clients as required afteraccepting the entrustment. It includes financial futures brokerage and commodity futures brokerage. 

Futures investment consulting refers to risk management consulting services such as establishing risk management systems and operating procedures and offering risk management consulting and special training. It includes research and analysis services, and trading consulting services such as designing hedging, arbitrage and other investment plans, and formulating futures trading strategies provided by futures companies for their clients.

Asset management refers to investment activities conducted by futures management institutions for the benefit of investors, following laws and regulations and asset management contracts by setting up a private asset management plan and acting as the manager while the custodian company acts as the custodian, through private placement or accepting property entrustment. Asset management focuses on the allocation of major classes of assets, takes intrinsic value as the criteria, and pursues absolute returns.

Foreign Exchange

Our foreign exchange business is operated by Sinochem Finance, a subsidiary of Sinochem Capital. Since its establishment, Sinochem Finance has been expanding its foreign exchange business and boasts several innovations as industry benchmarks. Taking Sinochem Holdings' featured international settlement audit service as a starting point, Sinochem Finance has quickly launched services such as spot foreign exchange settlement and sale, collection of domestic foreign exchange funds, agency of foreign exchange derivatives, and foreign exchange financing and centralized collection and payment. In 2012, Sinochem Finance became one of the first pilot enterprises under the centralized capital operation policy for multinational corporations, and commenced this business. On the basis of serving domestic member enterprises, it began providing relevant services for overseas member enterprises to assist fund pooling, liquidity risk management and financial cost saving both with and across borders. In 2015, Sinochem Finance became qualified to conduct two-way cross-border RMB cash pooling to facilitate inter-flow of domestic and overseas funds.

After more than ten years' operation, Sinochem Finance now sits among top100 in China’s inter-bank foreign exchange market for ten consecutive years, with its cross-border financing business ranked top in the industry. Sinochem Finance provides whole-process services in global account management, centralized collection and payment, foreign exchange deposits and loans, hedging, cross-border financing, exchange rate risk consulting, and international settlement risk consulting, etc.

Looking ahead, Sinochem Finance will continue to make progress in its foreign exchange business, providing even better services for member enterprises all over the world.