Industry Funds

Industry funds are mainly operated by Sinochem Capital Investment Management, a subsidiary of Sinochem Capital. It is an equity investment platform for Sinochem Capital, and also functions as an internal investment bank to integrate industries and finance inside the group. Focusing on major business sectors of Sinochem Holdings covering life science, environmental science, materials science, energy technology, we set up  professional fund management teams. Following “market-oriented operation, driven by the industry, a forward-looking layout, long-term and short-term combination, and the integration of forward and reverse cycles”, we have developed a portfolio of industrial private equity investment funds for sectors such as new materials fund, new energy fund, environmental protection fund, agricultural fund, real estate fund and special opportunities fund, with a total fund scale of over RMB 10 billion.

●  Special Opportunities Fund: Investing in the acquisition and disposal of non-performing bonds, acquisition and restructuring of enterprises with special opportunities, and acquisition and renovation of non-performing properties.

●  Real Estate Fund: Investing directly or setting up sub-funds to invest in new infrastructure construction, real estate technologies, urban renewal and other fields.

●  Sinochem Environmental Protection Fund: Investing in  energy conservation and environmental protection and high-end chemical industries.

● Sinochem High-Tech Fund: Investing in fields of new materials, fine chemicals, electronics, advanced manufacturing, chemical informatization,etc.

● Agricultural Fund: Investing in agricultural technologies and agricultural ecosystem.

● Tianjin New Materials Fund: Investing in fields of new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end manufacturing, chemicals, etc.

● New Energy Fund: Investing in fields of new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end chemicals, process digitization, etc.

● Mezzanine Fund: a flexibly allocated fund


Securities Trust

Our securities trust business is operated by FOTIC, a subsidiary of Sinochem Capital. As one of the earliest trust companies specializing in securities trust in China, FOTIC, following the concept of “Serving Your Investment and Wealth Management”, has been building its diversified comprehensive service system covering trustee services, private equity operation services, big data services and large asset allocation services to provide whole-process services including trust, fundraising, transaction and liquidation based on liquidation, valuation and trading services. Since 2007, FOTIC has designed and developed 3,000+ securities trust products, managed trillions of assets, and maintained 2,000+ securities trust products. In terms of active management, FOTIC has built an asset allocation system for fixed-income, equity and hedging, with actively managed FOF products exceeding RMB 6 billion, ranking top in the industry. FOTIC continues to increase investment in science and technology with a view to building an automated and intelligent data-centered security operation and service system, and creating an ecological service ecosystem for fund operation pivoted by premium platform.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management business is operated by FOTIC, a subsidiary of Sinochem Capital. In 2011, FOTIC introduced its “Five-element Wealth” brand, providing asset allocation and value-added services to high net-value clients as the first trust company engaging in wealth management. In terms of products, FOTIC follows the concept of “Five-element Allocation”, and has built a diversified product system with precise positioning by endowing products with five-element attributes based on their core characteristics. Besides, according to investors’ risk preferences and wealth management expectations, FOTIC accurately identifies individual needs, balances income and risk ratios, and provides investment products with controllable risks, stable returns and flexible maturities. FOTIC has built its systematic brand architecture that is mainly composed of the “Five-element Allocation Strategy” product system, the “Five-element Inclusiveness” family trust services and the “Five-element Value-added Service”. FOTIC has established wealth centers in 13 cities including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Xi’an, Qingdao and Wuhan, with nationwide business operation exceeding RMB 100 billion. 

Family Trust

Our family trust business is operated by FOTIC, a subsidiary of Sinochem Capital. Committed to promoting the localization of family trust, FOTIC issued the first private family trust product in China in 2014. Based on personalized needs, FOTIC has built a one-stop service platform that provides exclusive and customized services, including structure design, trust management and asset allocation, to meet customers’ diversified demands for risk isolation, wealth inheritance and stable growth of assets, enabling business to expand in scale.

Asset Securitization

Our asset securitization business is operated by FOTIC, a subsidiary of Sinochem Capital. Originating from financial market business, FOTIC was among the first trustee companies qualified to conduct special purpose trust for asset securitization in 2006. Owing to good reputation and service experience in financial market business, FOTIC maintains cooperation and communication with nearly 400 institutional clients. It has set up a full-time team, and built a whole industry-chain service system of asset securitization, covering the cultivation and screening of assets, product design and issuance, duration management and information disclosure. Leveraging more than ten years’ tracking practices with hundred billion operations, FOTIC has been growing with domestic asset securitization as an important participant.

Mutual Fund

Our mutual fund business is mainly operated by Lion Fund, covering equity, “fixed income +”, overseas business and other fields.

Equity investment is committed to long-term outstanding returns on investment. It emphasizes professionalism and in-depth research, insists on adequate analysis and rational decision-making, and develops a “professional, diversified and sustainable” investment research system through years’ accumulation. The professional research platform and the “harmonious but different” investment culture enable equity funds to play a sustained and independent active management role on the premise of in-depth research and scientific consistency. Consequently, developing active investment strategies in different but effective styles, including value, growth, balance and rotation

In terms of traditional fixed-income products, Lion Fund has performed outstandingly over a long period of time, winning wide recognition and trust from investors. In terms of convertible bonds, its performance and in-depth research have likewise been exceptional. Against the backdrop of declining returns of traditional products and rising passive risk appetite, Lion Fund is able to provide investors with stable and profitable fixed income products by using instruments such as convertible bonds.

The International Business Department of the Lion Fund was established in 2008. Its QDII business values differentiated development. With its distinctive features, it targets segment markets, focusing on assets and markets in which it excels. A pioneer in its field, Lion Fund launched the first domestic global gold fund, the first domestic oil and gas energy fund and the first domestic global real estate income fund. It has won the Gold Fund - Overseas Investment Return Fund Management Company Award from Shanghai Securities News for several times.