Training Development

Empower staff growth to drive corporate development

Upholding the staff-oriented training development and taking training high-quality professional cadres and staff as strategic fulcrum for building into a technology-driven enterprise and a world-class comprehensive chemical enterprise, we have established and perfected a full-range training system that matches the job level system to promote the construction of a learning organization so that staff can grow together with the company.

Insist on innovation leadership and promote reform

We have created the innovation-based Sinochem Management Institute (SMI). Positioned as high-level, we have built the Corporate Culture Communication Center, the Leadership Development Center and the Knowledge Management and Sharing Center. We serve innovation strategies, value innovation practice, explore innovation theories, work out innovation solutions, incubate innovative ideas and cultivate innovative talents, striving to make innovation as the way of thinking and working method of our staff and implant innovation in our DNA.

Focus on key groups and strengthen systematic development

Guided by the concept of “full involvement, prioritized nurturing, varied responsibility, top-down linkage, classified training, individualized cultivation”, we have built Sinochem Training Systems (STS) focusing on the education and training of senior managers, high-potential talents, newly promoted staff, newly recruited staff, professional science and technology personnel and professional executive personnel. The STS aims to perfect the three major talent development sequences in management, technology and skills, strengthen training at source, in follow-up and during the whole process, combine career development with education training, and establish a sound training program system and learning development map.

Promote “team learning” and implement “Upon Knowledge We Act”

We adhere to the training concept of “pooling the wisdom of the mass for practical advice and ideas”. We continue to promote and develop the Sinochem’s Team-based learning in all aspects of our operation and management. We extensively involve relevant groups in an equal and open manner to unify knowledge and action.