Creative Supply Chain Finance

Our supply chain finance business is operated by Sinochem Capital’s FOTIC, Sinochem Finance, Sinochem Factoring and Sinochem Capital Digits.

We focus on the supply chain scenarios of the internal and external strategic customer groups of agriculture, energy, chemicals and real estate, base on real transactions between core enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises, integrate logistics, information flow, capital flow and various kinds of information, take core enterprise credit and data risk control as main risk control tools, thus to enhance customer credit. We build our own corporate credit system, forge cooperation with financial institutions such as head banks, enrich business content, promote product competitiveness, create a supply chain financial service ecosystem, and provide comprehensive financial solutions for small, medium and micro enterprises along the upstream and downstream of the supply chain.

FOTIC continually explores the driving for transformation and upgrading of financial services for small and micro enterprises to support their sustainable development. Upholding the attitude of “robustness + innovation”, FOTIC continuously improves the ability to align assets with funds, enhances comprehensive service capabilities, and builds and expand the business ecosystem.

Sinochem Finance is among the first group of financial companies to obtain regulatory approval to carry out "One Party Outside" business, and develop supply chain financial services based on its qualifications. Under "One Party Outside" principle, one party of the transaction should be the member company of Sinochem Holdings while the other can be the direct counterparty outside. Sinochem Finance provide financing services for both sides.

Sinochem Factoring is mainly engaged in providing trade financing, the collection,  settlement and management of accounts receivable, and provides a variety of services for energy, chemicals, agriculture, real estate, infrastructure and other industries. We build an online supply chain financial ecosystem, use artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies to achieve real-time interconnection between capital and assets, and at the same time accumulate industry big data.

Sinochem Capital Digits is a highly competitive service provider for financial technology and industrial digital construction. With big data and artificial intelligence as our core capabilities, we provide customers with integrated industrial financial solutions and related digital construction, R&D of data risk control products, business consulting and other services. We are committed to serving the financial and digital transformation needs of industrial customers with data as the core driving force.

Financial service of data order loan is a typical innovative supply chain finance. Integrating technology with the industrial Internet, it is based on big data modeling analysis and risk assessment of industry transactions. By working with financial institutions, we provide financing services for core enterprises' downstream small and micro customers, and establish special fund to pay for core enterprise purchase orders without collateral guarantees. We build up full-process online service capabilities before, during and after the loan, provide customers with better products, services and experiences, and realize a virtuous circle among technology, innovation and development.

Internal Banking

Since its incorporation in 2008, Sinochem Finance Co., Ltd. has committed to “Contributing to Group's Strategy and Echoing with Industrial Development”. It  always follows the concept of maximizing value, stays true to four functions of “Fund Collection, Fund Settlement, Fund Monitoring, and Financial Service”, gives full play to the advantages of financial licenses, strengthens synergy and collaboration with financial peers, spares no effort for expanding business scope, innovates business varieties, and provides members companies of Sinochem Holdings and related external companies with a low-cost and high-efficiency package of comprehensive financial services. Its business sphere includes fund collection and settlement services, cash management services, loan financing services, industrial upstream and downstream supply chain services, foreign currency settlement and sales services, investment and financial consultancy services and other types of financial services. It plays an important serving and underpinning role in industrial development and strategic transformation of Sinochem Holdings.

Commercial Factoring

The commercial factoring business is mainly carried out by Sinochem Factoring under Sinochem Capital. Driven by innovation, we customize products and services according to the needs of customers, catering to needs at various stages of the product life cycle. As a pioneer of Sinochem Holdings’ supply chain financial service, Sinochem Factoring uses product creation, service innovation and financial technology to solve financing problems for small and medium-sized enterprises along the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. By doing so, we aim to put in place innovative product mode such as "controlled goods pledge mode", "credit insurance factoring mode", "bill factoring", "supply chain ABS" and other innovative products molding landing, a strong impetus to the development process of the Combination Group.

In collaboration with member units of the Strategic Business Unit of Finance, Sinochem Factoring continuously enhance capabilities to serve customers, design collaborative deal structures with controllable risk, and provide customers with full-process, diversified, customized financial services. Meanwhile, efforts are made to promote informatization, build a multi-dimensional online business platform, improve business operation and approval efficiency through financial technology, and enhance customer experience by increasing capabilities and efficiency of services.

Industrial Trust

Our industrial trust business is operated by FOTIC, a subsidiary of Sinochem Capital. Committed to injecting financial vitality into the real economy, FOTIC’s industrial finance business focuses on key areas such as small and medium-sized enterprises, real estate finance, infrastructure, green finance and emerging industries to promote the development of a modern economic system.

FOTIC has accumulated over ten partners in nearly 100 cities under registration and operation. With all-round capabilities in management of cooperative institutions, asset screening and identification, asset operation, post-loan disposal, fund raising, etc., FOTIC boasts leading comprehensive strength in the industry.

As one of the earliest domestic trust companies engaging in real estate trust, FOTIC has been committed to real estate finance for over a decade. Along with the upgrading of the industry, it has been expanding its cooperation mode both innovatively and aggressively.

As the first company establishing a Department of Green Finance in the industry, FOTIC observes the concept of green development and integrates various financial tools in such fields as environmental protection, new energy application and circular economy to create invaluable assets amid lucid waters and lush mountains.

Grasping the opportunity derived from the current global technological and industrial revolutions and focusing on strategic emerging industries, FOTIC serves the national health strategy and builds a new modern industrial system to promote new economic and social development.

Consumer Finance

Consumer finance refers to consumer loan financial services offered to individual consumers in the vertical segments of production and daily life for purchasing production and life necessities.

Our consumer finance business is operated by China Foreign Economy and Trade Trust Co., Ltd. (FOTIC) under Sinochem Capital. FOTIC began running consumer finance business under the guidance of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) in 2007, rendering effective and all-round financial services based on demands of various social classes and groups for capital, alleviating the imbalance between financial supplyand demand, and boosting the development of national real economy. As one of the earliest non-bank financial institutions to engage in consumer finance trust, FOTIC has grown into a highly-specialized integrated consumer finance service provider after more than a decade of development, managing a large-scale of assets in the industry. FOTIC has built a full-process and active management mode of consumer finance before, during and after the loan, developed a diversified lending product portfolio,covering credit, mortgage and Internet+scenario, and granted over RMB 100 billion of consumer loans to more than 10 million individual borrowers. 

Financial Leasing

Our financing leasing and sale-leaseback business is mainly operated by Far East Horizon. Financial leasing aims at meeting enterprises' capital demands for equipment acquisition so as to help introduce and upgrade key equipment. Sale-leaseback aims at revitalizing existing equipment assets and replenishing working capital to solve enterprises' temporary, seasonal and medium-long-term capital needs (e.g. in projects), and to provide stable financial support for their long-term development.