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1、Do SINOCHEM, SINOPEC and CHEMCHINA refer to the same enterprise?

They’re three different enterprises though their names sound similar.

2、When was SINOCHEM incorporated?

SINOCHEM GROUP was incorporated on Mar 1, 1950. It’s the first state-owned enterprise specialized in exports and exports.

3、What main business sectors is SINOCHEM engaged in?

Sinochem Group is one of China’s four largest state oil companies, China’s leading chemical service provider, China’s biggest agricultural inputs (fertilizer, seed and agrochemicals) company and integrated modern agricultural service operator. Sinochem Group also exerts strong influence in city operation and non-banking financial service sector. As a market-oriented global conglomerate, Sinochem Group’s quality products and services are relevant to many aspects of the mass economy and people’s well-being. The SINOCHEM and “中化” brands are highly prestigious in China and the rest of the world.

4、How about the business performance of SINOCHEM?

Click here to see the rankings of SINOCHEM in Fortune magazine in the past years.

5、 What divisions does SINOCHEM have?

Please click “Organization Structure” to see the structure of Sinochem Group.

6、 What overseas branches does SINOCHEM have?

Please click “Annual Report”to find attachment of DIRECTORY OF OVERSEAS INSTITUTIONS.

7、 How many listed companies does SINOCHEM have at present?

SINOCHEM International (600500, SH) listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange, SINOCHEM Fertilizer (00297, HK), Franshion Properties (00817, HK) and Far East Horizon (03360, HK)  listed at HKEx. Please click here  for details about the listed companies.

8、How to contact SINOCHEM for business cooperation?

Please click “Products&Services” and find the methods to contact relevant companies in different business categories.

9、How to find a job in SINOCHEM?

Click “Join Us” to check the latest employment information of SINOCHEM and you can send resume to SINOCHEM online.