These 61 years witnessed a difficult but spectacular journey of Sinochem's development, during which Sinochem has evolved from a specialized import and export company with the initial mission of breaking the "blockade" and"embargo" that were imposed upon China at that time, to the first Chinese enterprise that was qualified for the Global 500 after experimenting with new development models after China's reform, to a company that was confronted with tremendous difficulties and crisis in 1998, and to a new state-owned enterprise with strong competiveness and industry influence at present.

Even though the responsibilities upon our shoulders varied in the different stages of our development, there is one thing that has never changed —as a key state-owned enterprise, Sinochem is committed to fulfilling its missions and corporate citizen responsibilities along its pursuit of sustainable development, including contributing to national stability, economic development and social progress of China, developing in harmony with the society and environment, and becoming a respected role model in terms of industry contribution as well as ethics.