In the fluorine chemical business, Sinochem Group has formed a complete industrial chain comprising of resources exploitation (fluorine spa and AHF), R&D, production, sales and marketing.

Sinochen Lantian Co., Ltd. (Sinochen Lantian) is China’s leading fluorine chemical company that has integrated research, production and sales. It is a key enterprise supporting China to fulfill its obligations of Montreal Accord. Sinochem Lantian owns a complete industrial layout based on fluorite esources, led by ODS substitution, and supported by fluoropolymers and fluorinebased fine chemicals. Our products include fluorocarbon chemical, fluorine-based special chemicals, and inorganic fluoride salt, over a dozen of which have the largest market share in domestic and international markets. Among these, “Jincool” HFC-134a and R4 series of products is the leading brand in the domestic automobile refrigerant as well as household and commercial air-conditioner refrigerant market, and have market presence in over 50 countries and regions. “Kehua” TFA series of products occupy over 60% of the domestic market.

In terms of resource development, Sinochem Lantian owns over 30 million tons of fluorite reserves, and is able to supply 80,000 tons of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and 30,000 tons of trichloroethylene annually.

As for R&D, Sinochem Lantian serves as the national key fluorine chemical research unit and the National ODS Substitute
Engineering Technology Research Center. We have independently developed over 40 ODS substitutes, with the production capacity making up 30% of the domestic market. We are also the winner for more than 10 national technology progress awards. The production technology for highly reactive fluorination catalyst developed by us broke the international technological monopoly and is able to reduce tens of thousands of tons of ODS emission every year. In 2013, we undertake 2 key projects standing among the National 863 high-tech Plan, formulated 5 national and industrial standards, stipulated 6 new pieces of standards, led to formulate the first Fluorine Chemical Industry Security Protocol in China, and had 6 patents granted. We independently developed new refrigerator agent brand “Fengleng” products, among which HFC-161’s Ozone
Depletion Potential (ODP) is 0 and Global Warming Potential(GWP) is 12, dramatically cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

For production, we have established four major production bases in Shangyu, Taicang, Xi’an and Chenzhou. In addition, we built two special bases in Quzhou and Ganzhou, which have fluorocarbon chemical production capacity of 160,000 tons, and fluoropolymer and fluorine-based fine chemical capacity of 12,000 tons, as well as nearly 1,000 tons of inorganic fluorine compounds. Besides, we cooperate with such global fluorine players as Solvay and Honeywell to make inroad into the high-end fluorine chemical field. In 2013, Sinochem Lantian's 20,000 T/a HFC-125 production line was put into operation, the capacity of production equipment of TFA was expanded, and the inorganic aluminum fluoride equipment came into operation, greatly enhancing the company’s producing and supplying capacity.