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Located in Haikou County, Xishan District, Kunming, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Three Circles-Sinochem-Cargill Fertilizers Co., Ltd. is a joint venture founded by Sinochem Fertilizer Co., Ltd., Yunnan Three Circles Chemical Holdings Co., Ltd. (the name recently changed to “YTH Int’l Chem”), Cargill Inc. (GNSII) and Yantai Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd. in May 2001.

Yunnan Three Circles-Sinochem-Cargill Fertilizers Co., Ltd. was built up with a production capacity of 600,000 tons/year of DAP, one of the biggest DAP plants in China. Since it put into production in 2003, the company has enjoyed a good reputation for premium quality and notable yield increase effects and leveraged the advantages in branding, market resources and sales channels of the partners so that the “Cargill” brand DAP has a high market share in Northwestern,Eastern and Northeastern China and was named as “the National Product Exempted from Inspection” as well. Yunnan Three Circles-Sinochem-Cargill Fertilizers Co., Ltd. was listed as one of “China’s Top 100 Petroleum and Chemicals Companies of the Year 2003”, “China’s Top 100 Fertilizer/Animal Feed Manufacturers of the Year 2003” and “Top 100 Companies of Yunnan Province in 2005”.

Yunnan Three Circles-Sinochem-Cargill Fertilizers Co., Ltd. uses the traditional methods to produce DAP whereas the equipment—the major is imported—combines the advanced domestic and overseas technology, adopting the combined technology of pre-neutralization tank and tube reactor.

While following the national GB10205-2001 Standard and Cargill’s QC standards for DAP, we have also adopted the internal QC standard reasonably higher than the national standard, applying to wheat, rice, corn, cotton, peanuts and soybeans.

Since 2002, the company has commissioned the fertilizer divisions of the Institutes of Agricultural Sciences at provincial levels of various target markets to grow the major local crops on the demo plots. The results turned out that 1). Our DAP yields the same output as the general American products and 2). Our product has better effects for base application than other products.

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