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China National Seed Group CO., LTD. (Chinaseed) was established on the basis of the Seed Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture in 1978. Nine ministries of the State Council have identified Chinaseed as a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. The company has been awarded twice in a row as No.1 among the top fifty seed companies in China. In June 2007, Chinaseed became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinochem Corporation with the approval of the State Council.


Since its establishment in 1978, Chinaseed has prospered with China’s seed industry. It has established and promoted an integrated seed supply system; set up relevant national standards; initiated seed production and introduced seed processing facilities and technologies; developed the Northwest Seed Production Base, the first one of its kind in China; joined International Seed Federation (ISF) and Asia & Pacific Seed Association (APSA) in 1988 and 1994 respectively and won seats in their executive committees. After years of development, Chinaseed has grown from a company solely engaged in seed import and export into a large-scale modern state-owned enterprise covering production, processing and sales of seeds.


After joining Sinochem Corporation, Chinaseed puts forward the “one ability, two expansions and three focuses” corporate strategy to step up its management efforts and integrate with the Sinochem corporate culture. A risk control system, standard seed production practices and production quality control have been strictly applied. An integrated breeding, propagation and promotion model has been established, covering research, development, production and marketing. Sales networks and R&D systems have been set up to focus on the three key businesses of corn, rice and vegetables.


Looking into the future, with the resources and management expertise from Sinochem Corporation, Chinaseed will comply with the corporate strategy in the agricultural sector, boost the three key businesses so as to play the role of a state-owned enterprise and realize the corporate social responsibility.


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