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Sinofert Holdings Limited (hereafter referred as “Sinofert”) is the largest comprehensive fertilizer enterprise in China, with a vertically integrated business model which encompasses production, procurement, distribution of various fertilizer products and other related services. Sinofert successfully completed the acquisition of China Fertilizer (Holdings) Company Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Fertilizer Group”) on in July 2005. Thereafter Sinofert and its subsidiaries (hereafter referred as the “Group”) shares were listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 00297), and became the first company in the Chinese fertilizer industry ever listed at Hong Kong share market.

Major businesses of Sinofert and its subsidiaries include production, distribution, and retail of fertilizer raw materials and products, as well as research and development and services in the field of fertilizer-related business and products. “Sinochem” is the only agricultural inputs brand named as “China’s renowned brand” in both “commodity” and “service” categories.

Sinofert constantly aspires to achieve sustained, stable and rapid growth, to deliver value and returns to the shareholders, and to be committed to social responsibilities. According to the turnover of 2008, the Group can be rated as the largest fertilizer distributor, the major supplier of imported fertilizers and a major fertilizers producer in China.

The ultimate controlling shareholder of Sinofert is Sinochem Croup. The second largest shareholder of Sinofert is Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. (“PotashCorp”), which is the largest potash producer in the world,.


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