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Sinochem Trading (Singapore) Pte.Ltd. (abbreviated as Sinochem Trading), one of the earliest established Chinese enterprises in Singapore and one of the top 1000 local enterprises, is a venture with its own exclusive investment and was founded in 1987. Sinochem Trading, ranging 217 among local enterprises in 2006, has been awarded “Global Trader Award” for two times continuously.
In recent year, Sinochem Trading has been nurturing and developing its core business and improving its customer services in the principle of “reputation first, customer first”.
We specialize in:

1、Corporate businesses are classified into four parts: chemical fibre, chemical industrial products , general purpose plastics and engineering plastics.

2、The main business are the import and international entrepot trade of such items as chemical fibre raw materials, chemical industrial products, general purpose plastics and engineering plastics; the products are as follows: PTA, glycol, prsssure polythene, polypropene, PVC, ABS, automobile-plastics、additives,CPL,natural rubber, polyester slices and the like. 3、In recent years, import volume of PTA, ABS and other major items have been taking the lead and the company has been among the largest oversea suppliers to China market.

4、The company also carried out its businesses of domestic trade , storage and transportation in terms of chemical fiber raw materials and small article products in east and south part of China through Sinochem plastics Company under its direct management and strives to provide all-around customer services.
5、The company has been making great efforts to cultivate the sales-net construction and has put several branch companies in Hongkong,Shanghai,Beijing and Shengzhen etc. into operationwhich greatly increases the marketing and the sales service capability and greatly promotes the development of core business.
In the future, Sinochem Trading will bring into full play its status as an overseas venture and fully explore and exploit its operation resources by the implentation of “customer service strategy, horonzontal combination strategy and development strategty in both directions of the upper reach and the lower reach”. While giving prominence to its main businesses, it also seeks innovation and creation, continues to improve its core competitiveness, endeavors to establish its market power in terms of its main business and develop into a world-renown enterprise of chemcal products.
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