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Sinochem japan co., ltd.(hereinafter called Sinochem Japan) was founded in tokyo japan in august, 1985, which is one of the wholly owned subsidiary of Sinochem group. The registered capital is 100 million jp yen, and which was the first trading, company wholly owned by chinese capital, approved by the Japanese government.
Sinochem Japan is mainly dealing the bilateral trade between China and Japan, including the import and export of crude oil and petrochemicals, wholesale and agent activities.
After years of development, nowdays Sinochem Japan are dealing more than one hundred kind of chemicals. Most of them are bulk chemicals, materials of artifical fibres, organic solvents, plastics, dyestuffs and pigments, medical and pesticide intermediates, synthetic rubber, and fine chemicals, etc. As the main participants of sino-japan chemicals bilateral trade, and the leading supplier of chinese chemicals to japan chemical incustry, Sinochem Japan now becomes the important partner and contributor to Japan chemical industry. 

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