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Founded in 1997, Sinochem Commerce Co., Ltd. (Sinochem Commerce for short) was formerly known as Sinochem International Tendering Co., Ltd. Currently, Sinochem Commerce is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinochem Group Co., Ltd. (Sinochem Group for short), and a member of Finance Strategic Business Unit (SBU), Sinochem Group. Headquartered in Beijing, Sinochem Commerce has established nearly 20 subsidiaries and branches across China.

Sinochem Commerce is one of the earliest domestic enterprises specializing in bidding and consulting service. With well-recognized market position and sound reputation, it has won industry awards of "top ten leading brands of China bidding agency" for 11 consecutive years. Sinochem Commerce’s main clients include government bodies at all levels, military, public institutions, central SOEs, local SOEs, financial institutions, and specializes in major national industries, key areas and large-scale construction projects, such as national defense industry, military procurement, railway transit, petrochemical industry, civil aviation, municipal utilities, municipal environmental protection, equipment manufacturing, financial industry, culture and radio & television industry, etc. In these fields, Sinochem Commerce provides procurement service, management consulting, PPP consulting, full chain engineering consulting, third-party supervision service, international trade, financial consulting and related service among other comprehensive business services. In recent years, as a pioneer in knowledge-intensive business service, Sinochem Commerce is oriented to support industry and clients’ investment and financing value chain, and is committed to creating productive purchasing model based on e-tendering & bidding platform and big data, and strengthening professional skills such as full chain engineering consulting and procurement management. Sinochem Commerce Institute, as the internal incubator of innovation in technology, model and management, becomes a major powerhouse in business innovation and company’s transformation.

Looking ahead to the future, Sinochem Commerce, adhering to Sinochem Group’s core value of "In Science We Trust" and relying on its diverse industry foundation and rich customer base, firmly upholds new development idea, implements the core strategy of “link industrial chain with investment chain, create full service chain, integrate industry and finance” and shoulders the mission of "create value for clients, cultivate talents for society ". Sinochem Commerce is actively involved in offering business intelligence in national economic and social construction, steadily pursues high quality and sustainable development, heads the innovative transformation of the industry, and strives to accomplish the vision of "the most influential international consulting service enterprise".



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