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Sinochem International Corp. (hereafter called “Sinochem International” for short, Stock Code: 600500) is the first listed company subordinated to Sinochem Corporation, and is a large scale state-owned stock holding company which deals with logistics, industrial investment, trade, etc. in the fields of chemicals logistics, rubber, chemical products, petrol chemical products, metallurgy and energy, and their customers are all over the world including over 100 countries and regions.



Since Sinochem International was established and listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000, the company keeps the compound growth rate of net profit higher than 30%, so as to return favor to the society and shareholders for their strong support, and has been selected as one of 100 strongest listed enterprises of China by “Fortune” magazine for 7 years in sequence, and also listed as the first among the “100 strongest listed company in China” by World Economy and Politics of China Social Science Academy, and has been selected as the first in the competition of “Best Board of Director in China” hosted by the magazine <Board of Director> and China directors website.The stock share of the company has been selected into Shanghai Stock Exchange 180 index share and Shanghai Shenzhen 300 Index share since 2002.


Sinochem International will integrate daily business practices, operation, policies and social basic value, and focus on weak groups, and concern about environment protection, and make great contribution to the society especially for resource saving and friendly environment.


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Address:Sinochem International Plaza, NO.233 North Changqing Rd., Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200125, P.R.China