The Seventh Consecutive Sustainable Development Report of Sinochem Group Released

Date:2013-05-09 Source:Sinochem Group

May 7 saw the release of 2012 Sustainable Development Report of Sinochem Group. The seventh consecutive annual report on sustainable development made an overall and systematic review on Sinochem’s fulfillment and performance of corporate responsibility over last year.

With a view to render a broad picture about Sinochem’s dogged efforts in practicing its core value of “Creating Value, Pursing Excellence” and operating its five core businesses, the report focused on Sinochem’s commitment to answer the call from the government, shareholders, clients, staff members, industries, the public and other stakeholders. It objectively demonstrated Sinochem’s endeavor in last year to promote national development and enhance people’s livelihood through its dedications to deliver trustworthy services to its clients, pay high regard to health, security and environment protection issues, respect talents value, and be an active contributor to the public welfare.

Centered with the above-mentioned key factors, the report revealed “the sustainable development mode of Sinochem Group” for people outside to better understand Sinochem’s  sustainable development routes and model. Particularly, the report also introduced how Sinochem Group endeavored to fulfill its social responsibilities and achieve win-win results with the local community during its globalization process.

In addition to maintain its stable development in 2012, Sinochem Group also paid great attention to further consolidating its business basis, fulfilling its duty as a key central SOE in guaranteeing the national energy and agricultural security, promoting the smooth development of chemical industry in the nation. As a green player and responsible corporate citizen, Sinochem made hard efforts to drive the social progress through its own sustainability, with strong attention to win-win growth with partners, communities and staff members. Furthermore, the ever-growing investment from Sinochem was channeled to social welfare undertakings for Tibet, Qinghai and other poverty-stricken areas in 2012. Besides, inspired by the ambition to become a significant “organizer of global resources and markets”, Sinochem has stepped up its efforts for going out. In the journey, Sinochem Group also attaches importance to fulfilling the social responsibilities where its foreign businesses develop, building a favorable international image of “Responsible Sinochem, Responsible Chinese Corporate”.

Click here to download 2012 Sustainable Development Report of Sinochem Group.