Dachaidan Kindergarten Financed by Sinochem Group Officially Opened in Qinghai

Date:2013-03-18 Source:Sinochem Group

March 7th witnessed the opening up ofthe Central Kindergarten of Dachaidan, the first project financed by Sinochem Group in Qinghai for the benefit of people’s livelihood. The project brings an end to the history when there was no standard public kindergarten and preschool children had no access to education in Dachaidan area. The newly opened kindergarten solves the problems faced with local families, and speeds up balanced development of regional education, for which Sinochem Group enjoys immense praise of the locals.

The kindergarten that began its construction in May 2011 represents a total investment of more than RMB12 million, with RMB2.7 million from Sinochem Group, RMB3 million from Zhejiang Province Government RMB1.8 million from Shaoxing Municipal Government and the rest raised by the financial department of Dachaidan Region. With a floor area of 16,500 square meters and a building area of 3,548.64 square meters, the kindergarten can accommodate 360 school-aged children. The kindergarten, with standardized interior and exterior facilities and equipments, consists of 12 rooms, including children activity room, noon break room, dance room, toy room, formative education room and classroom, providing children with a first-class learning environment in the province.

In 2010, Sinochem Group established aid relationship with Qinghai Province. Since the commencement of its aid to Qinghai area, Sinochem Group has always adhered to the guiding principle of “aiding Qinghai with both infrastructural and educational projects, and promoting both economic development and mindset transformation”, and attached great importance to investment in people’s livelihood undertakings in Dachaidan area. To date, Sinochem Group has contributed more than RMB10 million as aid fund for the area to helping construct the kindergarten, purchase medical equipment, carry out earthquake emergency response projects and construct community service centers.