Sinochem Group Released 2011 Sustainable Development Report and Highlighted International Image of Chinese Enterprise

Date:2012-06-27 Source:Sinochem Group

On June 25th, Sinochem Group released 2011 Sustainable Development Report, which had been the 6th annual sustainable development report issued consecutively by the company.

The report showed the practice achievements of Sinochem Group in actively fulfilling social responsibilities and realizing win-win development both inside the enterprise and at the project location, highlighting the new corporate citizenship image of Chinese enterpises overseas.

While continuing the original framework, the report systematically carded the social responsibility management system and framework of Sinochem Group and intensified its disclosure of core indexes and performance data by comprehensively showcasing Sinochem Group’s concepts, practices and fruits in fulfillment of social responsibilities from the five aspects as below: serving national interest and people’s livelihood, providing satisfactory service, practicing safe environmental protection, respecting values of talents, boosting public welfare undertaking.

In addition to the international corporate citizenship responsibilities, the report also made a comprehensive introduction to the breakthroughs of Sinochem Group in building up its green competitiveness, and thoroughly summarized and extracted “Sinochem Group Green Competitiveness Model”, which highlighted the company’s actions and achievement in keeping strengthening its green competitiveness, by relying on independent scientific and technological innovation, combining environmental protection and efficient resource utilization and creating a “green value chain” in the strategic transformation period.

Based on the report of 2010, this report further perfected the responsibility matrix, for it displayed the features and highlights of the company in social responsibility fulfillment to stakeholders from the corporate and business aspects. Taking into consideration the actual operation situations of the company, the report improved people’s livelihood charts to directly and vividly manifest the business characteristics of “Sinochem is beside you” and present efforts and new progress the company had made and achieved in serving national interest and people’s livelihood and enriching people’s basic necessities.

It has been the first time that the report used stakeholder assessment to run through the main body in a unified style, which enhanced credibility and readability of the report on the one hand and embodied the company’s attention to communication with stakeholders on the other. This served a frank response to the expectations and requirements of stakeholders on continued promotion of operation transparency.

Sinochem Group’s breakthroughs in social responsibilities were spoken highly by experts in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) field. According to Li Decheng, Standing Vice Chairman and Director General of China Enterprise Confederation and Council Member of UN Global Compact, Sinochem Group’s following the scientific outlook on development as its guideline, keeping improving social responsibility management mechanism, carrying out enterprise-wide risk management and practicing the responsibility concept in each link of enterprise operation effectively improved the enterprise’s sustainable development capability. Peng Huagang, Director of SASAC Research Bureau, pointed out that CSR reports were an important tool to push forward enterprise social responsibility management and also a significant means to boost CSR working capability and level. As a Central-Government-owned enterprise with international  operation, Sinochem Group took  the objective of “Becoming stronger and better, cultivating a world-class enterprise with international competitiveness” (the objective proposed by SASAC) and made positive achievements. He hoped that Sinochem Group would further perfect its CSR management system and operation mechanism, integrate social responsibility into each connection of corporate management and set an example for central enterprises in social responsibility fulfillment, so as to make greater contributions to promoting sustainable development of economic society and building a harmonious society.

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