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Sinochem Fertilizer Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Sinochem Fertilizer”) is under the full ownership of Sinofert Holdings Ltd. (HKEX: 00297), whose ultimate controlling shareholder is Sinochem Corporation.

Sinochem Fertilizer is China’s biggest fertilizer company integrating production, trading and distribution and has forged a complete industrial chain connecting R&D, manufacturing, I&E, distribution, retail and agricultural service. Sinochem Fertilizer has adhered to the strategy of “centering on marketing and distribution and expanding into both production and distribution”, vertically integrating the industrial chain and aimed to become China’s No.1 and the world leading comprehensive agricultural inputs service provider. “Sinochem” is the only agricultural inputs brand named as “China’s renowned brand” in both “commodity” and “service” categories.

In the foreseeable future, Sinochem Fertilizer will continuously hold its strategic position as a marketing and servicing company and push forward the fertilizer business development strategy of “centering on marketing and distribution and expanding into both production and distribution”. We will further expand our distribution network, extend the international and domestic fertilizer supply system, enrich the product portfolio and marketing service and enhance our leadership role as China’s largest fertilizer distributor. We will actively explore the developing rules of related agricultural inputs service and endeavor to become China’s biggest and world leading agricultural inputs service provider to make greater contributions to the agricultural development of both our nation and the world.

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