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Sinochem Chongqing Fuling Chemicals Co., Ltd. (“Sinochem Fuling” hereafter) was founded in June 2004. Located in Fuling District, Chongqing Municipality and adjacent to Yuhuai Railway, Yufu Express Highway and Yangtze River Transport Network, Sinochem Fuling enjoys unique conveniences of transportation.

Sinochem Fuling has an annual production capacity of 1.3 million tons of fertilizers, ranging from 600,000 tons of MAP, 240,000 tons of DAP, 300,000 tons of NPK, 100,000 tons of ordinary superphosphate to 60,000 tons of ammonium phosphate. All the products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality assurance standards and all the installations are distributed and controlled through a DCS system.

In the recent years, the “Tengsheng” brand MAP has been priding itself on the No.1 sales nationwide. With the leading process, technology, cost and quality in the sector, it was named as “National Inspection Exempted Product” in October 2004.

Besides, “Tengsheng” brand NPK was also named as the Famous Brand by Chongqing Municipality government in 2004. It supplies for the national market as well as the Southeast Asian market. On September 6, 2006, “Tengsheng” brand DAP was given the title of "China Famous Name Brand Product" as well.

In the next few years, Sinochem Fuling will continue to develop highly concentrated phosphate and NPK, promote recycling economy, adhere to the scientific outlook on development and endeavor to make the largest phosphate and NPK manufacturing base in the upstream of Yangtse River.

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