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Hubei Sinochem & Orient Fertilizer Co., Ltd., established in March 2002, is a specialized manufacturer of organic-inorganic blended fertilizer and special fertilizer with the latest technologies in China. Started in March 2002, the enterprise is mainly engaged in manufacturing and managing "SINOCHEM" brand organic-inorganic blended fertilizer and special fertilizer. The annual output capacity of the installation is 70,000 tons.

"SINOCHEM" special fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer directly mixed with various large granulated fertilizers. The proportion of each fertilizer is decided by computer and fertilizer experts based upon the results of experiments on soil samples, combined with research on different types of crops and climate situations. Designed in accordance with specific local soil situations and crop types, its scientific formula makes the fertilizer widely versatile and capable of specific functions.

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Aaddress:14/F,Mingze Plaza, No.501 Luoshinan Road, Hongshan Area, Wuhan, Hubei,China
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