Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry(SYRICI)is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinochem Corporation. Upon the approval of the State Council, SYRICI was reorganized intoSinochem Corporation in April, 2007.

SYRICI is a leading research and development institute of fine chemicals under the former Ministry of Chemical Industry (MCI). Founded on January 8th, 1949, it is the earliest comprehensive chemical research institute established in China.

SYRICI is mainly involved in research and development of fine chemicals such as agrichemicals, dyestuffs, intermediates and adjuvants. It is a national research and development center for pesticides and dyestuffs, and the supporting unit for the National Engineering Research Centers for Agrichemicals and for Dyestuffs. SYRICI also serves as the National Pesticide Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Shenyang), the National Dyestuff Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the National Research Center for New Drug Safety Evaluation (Shenyang), the National Information Centers for Pesticides and Dyestuffs, the organization for Agrichemical and Dyestuff Standards setting and the Agrichemical and Dyestuff Constituent Institutes of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China. SYRICI is also authorized to grant Master’s Degrees to students specializing in applied chemistry, and can also host the research for postdoctoral research fellows. SYRICI currently has 1021 employees, among whom 525 are technical specialists, 44 are professors or senior engineers and 130 holding a senior title.

In the past sixty years, SYRICI has continued to develop and grow with rich R&D results. Up to now, SYRICI has won over 2300 science and technology awards, 1700 having been successfully commercialized. Since 1977, SYRICI has received 287 scientific awards, among which 47 were national awards. SYRICI has obtained 105 patents in China, 1 from the U.S. and 1 from Europe. In the period from the Sixth Five-year Plan to the Tenth Five-year Plan, SYRICI had accomplished 120 national major S&T projects and are undertaking 13 projects in the Eleventh Five-year Plan period.

SYRICI’S pesticide R&D comprises synthesis of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and their intermediates; formulation processing; pesticide bioactivity and safety evaluation and standardization. The dyestuff R&D includes synthesis of dyestuffs, organic pigments, organic intermediates and textile auxiliaries, as well as their application, formulation and standardization.

Some major laboratories have been established to assist the scientific research of chemicals, such as chemical engineering, physical and chemical analysis, meters automation (including computer application), environmental engineering, chemical engineering design, et cetera.Now SYRICI is equipped with advanced chemical instruments and facilities including RC-1, Nuclear Magnetic Resonoscope, Infrared Spectrometer, Element Analyzer, Gas Chromatograph & Mass Spectrometer, Laser Grain Size Distribution Measurer, Ultraviolet Spectrometer, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, Gas chromatography, Light and Weather Fastness Tester, SpectralPhotometer, et cetera. With all these sophisticated equipments, SYRICI has become a comprehensive R&D center focused on pesticides and dyestuffs.

Located in north of the Hunhe River, and in the south Shenyang City, SYRICI covers a total area of 250,000 sq m, with the GFA nearly 100,000 sq m. An additional pesticide base is located in Yuhong district in western of Shenyang, covering 80,000 sq m, with the GFA over 150,000 sq m., which was built under the assistance of the UNDP and the Industrial Development Organization in 1982, dedicated to pesticide safety and bioactivity evaluation, which is essentialin development of new pesticides.

In the recent ten years, SYRICI had accelerated the paces to translate scientific results into commercial products. We have gained prominent economic and social benefits by extensive integration of researches, production, marketing and distribution. After SYRICI transformed from a research institute to a high-tech enterprise in 1999, we grew the business rapidly. Shenyang Sciencreate Chemicals Co. Ltd. (our pilot plant) was designated as a high-tech enterprise by Liaoning Province. Our high-tech industrial base was named “Shenyang New Pesticide Industrial Park”. Shenyang Sciencreate Chemicals Co. Ltd. has gained ISO 9001:2000 Quality Control System Certification and GB/T 28001 Occupational Safety and Health Management Certification. By far, it has launched over 20 pesticide products, all effective, low toxic and environment-friendly. Shenyang Sciencreate Chemicals Co. Ltd. has become a competitive and high-tech chemistry enterprise in the Chinese pesticide industry.

Aimed to enlarge our industrial scale and achieve more economic and social benefits, SYRICI is currently investing to build up a new fine chemicals production site in the Chemical Park of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. The new site covers 228,000 sq m. Upon completion, the new site is expected to produce 5000 metric tons of new highly effective, low toxic and environment-friendly pesticides and will become one of largest new pesticide production base in China.

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