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Sinochem Agro Co., Ltd. Opened

Date:2012-10-23 Source:Sinochem Agro

On October, 18, Sinochem Agro Co., Ltd.(“Sinochem Agro” for short) had its opening ceremony held in Shanghai. Li Bin, Vice President of Sinochem Group, and Wang Hongjun, Assistant President of Sinochem Group and General Manager of Sinochem Agro, attended the ceremony and jointly unveiled the plaque of the company.

Sinochem Agro is a new company with a new name and established based on Sinochem Shanghai Co., Ltd. through internal integration and restructuring of agrochemical business. Now, the company has extended its business from trade to active compound production, reagent processing and research and development, and developed to be a pesticide enterprise with a relatively complete industrial chain.

On the unveiling ceremony, Vice President Li encouraged all employees with Sinochem Agro to hold together with clear goals and promote rapid development of their cause. Assistant President Wang stressed that as the staff with Sinochem Agro would shoulder the responsibility of making the brand of “Sinochem Agro” stronger and bigger, they shall work hard and push forward development of the agrochem cause of Sinochem Group in a down-to-earth style. 

Established in 1949, Sinochem Agro (the former Sinochem Shanghai) is the unit from which the third Vice Chairman of Shanghai Chemical Industry Association and Vice President of the glyphosate coordination group of China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters come. It has won many honors, such as “Top Ten Credible Enterprises in Pesticide Import and Export”. In recent years, the company has adhered to build powerful reagent R&D capability, achieve an advanced active compound and reagent production level and create a perfect industrial chain and diversified product mix, and focused on building an overseas pesticide marketing platform, which has won widespread recognition of its global customers.