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Hainan Sinochem Success Trust Rubber Founded

Date:2006-03-17 Source:Sinochem Group
On Feb.28th, Sinochem International and Hainan Success Trust Rubber Co.Ltd signed Joint-venture agreement in Jinmao Tower to establish Hainan Sinochem Success Trust Rubber Co.Ltd. Xu Weihui, General Manager of Sinochem International and Li Haiping, Genral Manager of Hainan Success Trust signed their names on the agreement. It is another significant strategic move with respect to natural rubber sector since the successful takeover of Hainan Anlian and Yunnan Xiangdong.

Sinochem Success Trust will taken Hainan Island as its footage, eyeing for the South East Asia as the main natural rubber producer, and increase the income of the natural rubber peasants by using advanced technology and powerful marketing capability. The new company will also enhance the industrial quality of natural rubber processing, satisfy the domestic demand for high-grade natural rubber so that China's natural rubber industry could be self-sufficient.