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Sinochem Holds a Seminar on Social Responsibility and Issues Social Responsibility Report

Date:2007-04-26 Source:Sinochem Group

On the afternoon of April 13, Sinochem held a seminar on social responsibility, established the Social Responsibility Committee, held the first meeting of the committee with the theme of “responsibility, harmony and value” and issued the 2006 social responsibility report. Half of the members of Sinochem’s Social Responsibility Committee are experts and scholars on social responsibility.

“Following the widely recognized business ethics and faithfully fulfilling social responsibility are helpful for Sinochem to participate in global competition and maintain sustainable growth,” said Luo Dongjiang, Chief Legal Advisor of Sinochem, “against the background of implementing the scientific concept of development and building a socialist harmonious society, Sinochem, as a key state-owned enterprise, not only shoulders the economic responsibility of maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets but also undertakes important political and social responsibilities. We must play an active role of promoting social harmony and progress. We set up the Social Responsibility Committee and issue the social responsibility report in a bid to listening to the opinions of experts on the connotation of social responsibility, exposing our fulfillment of social responsibility to the public and the mass media, finding out where we should make improvement and constantly enhancing our ability of fulfilling social responsibly.”

Experts and scholars from various government agencies and the media participated in the seminar and made positive comments on Sinochem’s efforts of fulfilling social responsibility. They indicated that social responsibly of enterprises has become a hot issue and a number of large enterprises had released social responsibility report to show their determination of fulfilling social responsibility. Sinochem is the first Chinese enterprise that especially sets up the social responsibility committee composed of external experts, scholars, media and internal staffs, demonstrating the company’s serious attitude of implementing social responsibility. They also raised opinions and suggestions on how to enhance Sinochem’s efforts of fulfilling social responsibility.

In recent years Sinochem has made relentless efforts to implement social responsibility while accelerating transition. Sinochem raises the following five objectives in its 2006 social responsibility report: first, creating value for shareholders, increasing asset value and growing into a company the government is satisfied with; second, caring for employees, seeking common growth and growing into a company the employees love; third, serving the customers and growing into a company customers trust; fourth, protecting the environment and saving resources and coexisting harmoniously with the nature; fifth, observing laws and growing into a company respected by the society.