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Sinochem Anlian got green light on ISO14001

Date:2006-11-16 Source:Sinochem Group

On Oct.16th, Hainan Sinochem Anlian Rubber Co.,Ltd controlled by Sinochem International become China’s first ISO14001 certified company in natural rubber industry.

Sinochem International always underlines the importance of environment protection. It implemented accountability system of work safety, occupational health and environment protection in every business unit and affiliated companies. Sinochem Anlian has established comprehensive EHS (stands for environment, Health and Safety) organizational structure. EHS has become the important contents of its corporate culture.

Sinochem Anlian engages into the businesses of natural rubber’s processing, agricultural plantation, sales and marketing of agricultural products. The company will discharge the sewage water as the result of natural rubber’s processing. Sinochem Anlian applied advanced technology to treat the water and let it become recycled. The company is also well equipped with the fire protection equipment and waste gas treatment equipment. All the industrial wastes are carefully classified and disposed.

At present, Sinochem Anlian is building up its OSHAS18001 system to elevate the its EHS work into a new level to ensure the sound and sustainable development of the company.