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Sinochem Jointly Held Plastic Exhibition

Date:2005-12-06 Source:Sinochem Group
Lately, China Petroleum and Chemical Association, China Light Industry Association, The Municipal Government of Yuyao, Petrochina, Sinopec and Sinochem jointly raise the 7th China Plastic Exhibition. Sinochem Corporation and its subsidiaries including Sinochem International, Sinochem Ningbo and Sinochem Hong Kong etc joined the event.

This high-level exhibition was in a quite big scale and attracted many exhibitors and clients. Except Tibet, Ningxia and Qinghai, other provinces all has its representatives to attend the exhibition. There were also 560 exhibitors and clients from USA, Canada and other foreign countries participated.

In the intervening days, "China Plastic Industry Development Forum 2005" was also held. Circling with the theme "The upcoming challenges of China Plastic industry", Economists, industrial experts, and the executives form China's major petrochemical and plastic companies presented their speeches. They are discussing the topics such as Chinese plastic industry's development trend, its affections to the other relevant industries, utilizing the resources properly and the sustainable development of the industry. The organizing committee also arranged the symposium concerning with the new technology and new material to facilitate the technology promotion.

By attending the exhibition, Sinochem got the excellent platform to display the image of the company, to exchange views and opinions with its counterpart and to acquire the in-depth information of the plastic industry.