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International Rubber Organization's ECO-Project Promotion Events Held in Sinochem International

Date:2005-11-05 Source:Sinochem Group
On Oct.19th, International Rubber Organization's ECO-Project Promotion Events was held in Sinochem International. The people from home and abroad engaged in rubber business got together to discuss the future sustainable development of the sector.

In April 2004, IRSG (International Rubber Survey Group) made an announcement at the 40th Member's Convention held in Cameroon to establish an REP (Rubber Ecology Plan) working panel to formulate a voluntary code of conduct for the sustainable development of the world rubber industry. The code of conduct will harmonize the relationship among the member nations of IRSG, between the planters of natural rubber and consumers to promote the sound development of natural rubber industry. The Promotion Meeting was held for the purpose of hearing the Chinese rubber business's idea and recommendation for the "REP".

Sinochem International is one of China's largest importers of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. It is also the country's leading marketing and sales service provider of rubber raw material. Sinochem International also pursues the sustainable development of natural rubber. Mr. Li Xuetao, general manager of the rubber business of Sinochem International said Sinochem proactively supports the building of international cooperation framework within the natural rubber industry. The framework would ensure the appropriate return for the producer of the natural rubber while also grant the consumers the guarantee for stable feedstock provision and sensible cost control.

Delegates from China Rubber Industry Association, Yunnan Nongken, Hainan Nongken, Guizhou Tire, Fengshen Tire, Wuxi Hongdou etc attended the meeting.