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Sinochem Starting the E-learning Program

Date:2004-07-27 Source:Sinochem Group
On June 28, 2004, Sinochem Head Office held the E-learning training for the management and IT staff of subsidiaries outside Beijing in Sinochem Tower. Since July 5, 2004 the E-learning program formally started in subsidiaries outside Beijing as scheduled, all Sinochem staff outside Beijing have had access to on-line study.

The E-learning program is a major platform for Sinochem to implement the “staff quality” project. The platform development and test completed at the end of 2003. In March this year, E-learning program was initiated in the Head Office and its Beijing subsidiaries and was well recognized by all the staff. Up to now 1000 plus employees have registered in the E-learning platform and 700 have formally started learning. The employees say that E-learning demonstrates the “people-focus” philosophy and care for them of the company.