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Sinochem Won the 2018 State Technological Invention Award

Date:2019-01-15 Source:Sinochem Int'l

On January 8, at the 2018 State Science and Technology Prize Conference, the Program “Key Technology and Industrial Application of Green Catalyzed Synthesis in Substituent Aromatic Amine Series Products”, completed by Sennics under Sinochem Group SBU of Chemicals, won the Second Prize of 2018 State Technological Invention Award.

The State Science and Technology Prize is the highest honor in China in science and technology taking place once a year, in order to commend individuals and organizations who have made remarkable contributions to scientific and technological progress, socio-economic development, and the modernization of national defense. It has established five prizes, including the Highest Science and Technology Award, the State Natural Science Award, the State Technological Invention Award, the State Science and Technology Progress Award and the International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award of the People’s Republic of China. In 2018, a total of 285 programs (individuals) were awarded the State Science and Technology Prizes.

Substituent aromatic amines are core fine chemical raw materials widely used for the synthesis of special high temperature resistant, flame retardant, insulating and anti-ultraviolet light materials to meet the high-end requirements for military equipment, high-speed rail, UHV transmission and nuclear energy. They are also synthetic raw materials for medicines, pesticides and dyes. Ursol is a substituent aromatic amine product that can be directly used as a rubber antioxidant.

The Program has overcome three technical difficulties, namely how to achieve innovation in antioxidant and catalyzer and their application, innovation of process technology and innovation of engineering equipment. In cooperation with Zhejiang University of Technology, the Sennics Team led by Mr. Chen Xinmin, former Sennics Chief Scientist and current General Manager of the Innovation Management Department under Sinochem Group SBU of Chemicals developed the New Process and Industrialized. Low energy consumption, superior quality and high yield during production have been achieved basically without generating waste gas, waste water and industrial residue. The requirements on equipment and operations have also be lowered. The process technology of the Program has independent intellectual property rights, and its technical level and product quality are leading in the world. It has upgraded the technological level of the whole industry and gained positive customer feedback. Boasting huge market prospects, this technology has steered China’s fine chemical industry to be more efficient, green, safe and sustainable, creating considerable environmental, economic and social benefits.