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Sinochem Energy is to Engage in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry

Date:2018-10-30 Source:Sinochem Energy

On October 23, at the 3rd International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress held in Rugao, Jiangsu Province, the International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Center of Sinochem Energy (Rugao) (referred to as “Sinochem Energy Hydrogen Energy Innovation Center”) was unveiled. This signified Sinochem Energy has achieved a strategic breakthrough in the new energy business sector.

The Center, established by Sinochem Energy Co., Ltd., will focus on R&D of hydrogen fuel cells. Specifically, it aims to improve localization of fuel cell stacks and core components, forge independent R&D capabilities and core competitiveness in hydrogen energy and fuel cell, advancing domestic hydrogen energy industry and fuel cell technology. Dedicated efforts are meant to contribute to building a clean, low carbon, safe and efficient energy system.

Sinochem Energy has accumulated rich experience in hydrogen production and application with inherent advantages in infrastructure. Sinochem Energy’s new energy team was rooted in over ten years of international cooperation and scientific research experience. Since 2016, it has been focusing on opportunities in the new energy domain. In 2017, hydrogen energy was chosen as one of the four key promotion areas followed by technology and project development. Currently, the team has established close ties with leading domestic and international hydrogen fuel cell companies and research institutions.